It’s all about the right attitude

2017-10-04 08.07.42 1.jpg

Determination – the magic word I’ve heard probably a million times. Its big and its scary and I feels like I’d need to devote my life to the gym, chia seeds and green smoothies in order to look and feel good. Every diet I’ve tried stared on Monday and finished on Friday soaked in the glass(s) of wine and followed by kebab at 3.30 am. Well that’s not the way to feel good, in fact it made me fell like I failed again. I believe I’m not alone here and now I know that I was lucking in the right attitude.

So the big revelation is that before determination comes the “Right Mindset” and that’s how it’s started for me. It was a big step to understand that whatever I put into my body does have some sort of effect on me, examples are countless. The first which comes to my mid is alcohol. Whenever I drink I wake up with my skin looking like a piece of paper, dull and dry, one word – AWAFUL! Nibbling sweets, eating late, skipping breakfast, smoking, no exercising ect… the list is long. I’ve decided to introduce some changes and make them my habits, my lifestyle and don’t only love it but also I feel good and sort of proud of myself. A few tips below which worked for me:

1) Never say you’re on a diet cos you’re not! You’re just introducing changes to your eating habits and lifestyle. Believe me nobody will ever challenge that and the temptation won’t be so big.

2) Its all about being a better version of yourself so its worth to work on it, simple as that. We all want to look young, toned and heathy so it’s time understand that whatever we do in our daily live does affect the end product. Its like with a car, if you care about it and don’t expose it to unnecessary corrosion, it will last longer and look better.

3) Take your time. No success comes overnight. Cutting sweets out of my life took me about a month and now I don’t crave them anymore. If I feel like some, I’ll have some.

4) Be consistent and work on your daily routine, habit is everything. Your mind and body can be trained. It takes a bit of self- control and your goal will be achieved. It might feel at the times like you’re on your own, but following the crown is not always the best choice.

5) Don’t stress over complicated food receipts cos its not complicated. I love cookbooks but when I see the recipe for avocado on toast and the amount of ingredients is more than 2 (avocado + toast) its getting a bit silly. It all about being clever. Its important to understand that the marking around healthy food right now is a bit too much and it doesn’t necessary promote the healthy choices.


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