How to switched off and relax

I’ve recently started reflecting on my 20s and I’ve realised that a lot of things has changed in the past few years. My weekends are not crazy anymore, the amount of short skirts in my drawer has significantly decreased and the LBD is now hanging in my wardrobe. If somebody would tell me 5 years ago that that’s how I’m gonna be when I’m 31, I’d laugh our loud! But you know what, I wouldn’t want to change it or go back in time. I’ve also started treasuring my weekends and its not only about sleeping longer but doing things I actually enjoy.

Since, I moved to London I’ve noticed that its very easy to lost yourself in the chaos of the city and forget what does really matter in life and believe me its not all about money, fancy clothes or working for 12 hours a day. Constant stress and chasing impossible has already become part of my every day life and I’m not gonna lie, but its draining sometimes.

I’ve started to look for things I could do, doesn’t cost a lot and let me switch off for a few hours (days ideally). You also have to know that I’m also one of those who need to get active during the weekend otherwise I’ll go mad. So, whenever the weather allows, I’m taking my camera and I’m going out exploring! I usually don’t mind the place, it can be as simple as the local park or if I fancy something more adventures, the out of town forest will do too.  The whole idea of being outdoors, taking photos and enjoying the nature does do the trick for me. I recently went to Epping forest with a friend and it was so refreshing.


wp-1511123070254..jpgThe weather was great, I took about a hundred photos and despite being tired of walking miles and miles thru the forest, it was a very relaxing and fun day. I’ve realised that the nature is a perfect way for me to unwind and the more time I spend outside the more happy I am. I clears my mind and help to look at things from different perspective and most of all it cost nothing.


So yes, I’m looking out for more adventures and different ways to spend my weekends and I’ll be most definitely sharing them with you so watch out!

Have a lovely Sunday evening !


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