Jane Iredale Glow Time Mineral BB cream – review

Hello my lovely readers!

Today I would like to review one of the products I believe I probably use the most, I’m sure that you do too. This foundation/ BB cream ticks all the boxes for me so far and I’ve been using it already for a couple of weeks. So here it is Jane Iredale – Glow Time Full Coverage BB cream.  I’m pretty new to the brand so I ordered two samples in two different shades (BB3 and BB5). My skin is currently suffering from winter dullness effect so I’m pretty pale.


Jane Iredale Glow Time Mineral BB cream 

BB3 shade is quite pink-ish and for very light skin tone, Id even goes as far as porcelain tone.  The BB5 has a bit of a yellow-ish undertone which is more suitable for me. There are approximately 9 shades in that range. I thought it would be useful to show the difference as I personally wasn’t sure which one will suit me best.

I have pretty dry skin so matching the right foundation/ BB cream it has always been a little challenge. The most important for me is that it doesn’t make my skin look dry.  Jane Iredale BB cream passed the test. It blends very well and lasts for at least 8 –10 hours from personal experience. It looks very natural and the intensity depends really on how much I want to cover. In fact, I’m currently using it also as an under-eye concealer.

The consistency is silky and quite thick and it absorbs well and quick.  It has a light lemony smell which comes from the citrus extracts like grapefruit, apple and bitter orange which are part of the formula.

The BB cream protects from UV/UVB – level moderate (PA++) and has SPF 25, which is great as the lowest required for basic protection is SPF 15. It’s also hypoallergic for those with skin issues like mine.

The bottle is 50 ml and I guess it will last for long so I’d say that its good value for money.



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