Best Organic Beauty Shops in London

Hi Everyone,

This weekend post will be a bit different as I’ll be talking about shops you can actually try and buy some amazing organic and mineral based products. I feel like there are not many of those shops in London (that’s where I currently live) not mentioning a very low number of product lines in the high street stores, literally you have to go with a magnifying glass to find any. So, I’ve listed below some of the stores which I’ve tried myself and I would recommend them to anyone who is keen to try some organic goodies but doesn’t know where to start.


content beauty organic shop

This little shop is hidden in Marylebone and it’s the best place to start your organic journey. I’d say is one of a kind, not too big and kinda cosy. There is always a very good range of skin products to choose from but most of all, they have a lot of make-up brands to try. I find it very helpful especially if I don’t know the label or I’m not sure about the colour palette. Worth to mention that they also offer facial organic treatments for those interested in more specific needs.

2) Neal’s Yard

This one is probably the best known and the most established among the organic beauty brands. Again, great for skin care, hair and body. They don’t have any makeup lines at the moment. There is a few of them in London but I’d definitely recommend the one is Neal’s Yard in Coven Garden – not only for the shop but also the amazing colourful courtyard.


3) Space MK


This one is probably the most high-end in terms of pricing in my opinion. Some of the products they offer include Tata Harper, La Mer, Oskia or Aqua Di Parma. The one I’ve been going to is in Kensington near the high street. Lovely shop, many products to choose from, no so much make up which I believe varies between the stores.

4) Holland and Barrett

One of my favourites! You would be surprised but there are more and more beauty products in Holland&Barratt, which makes me a very happy person. I’ve been personally popping into my local one in West London and I’ve realised that apart from their standard range called Doctor Organic, they’re also introduced Sukin, Weleda and Trilogy. The stock will vary between the stores as they have tones of products online.

Those are my best picks so far, I hope to extend the list in time. If you have any suggestions or recommendations please do let me know!



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