The “Beach Babe” Blush – Lily Lolo

Hello my lovely readers,

After pretty unexpected winter last week we are finally back on track. I can’t wait for those first spells of sun and vitamin D I’ve been missing for too many months now and I’m literary dreaming about beach holidays. I’m also very excited about all the products I’m going to review in the next months and get properly ready for the summer time.

I’ll kick off with one of my favourite product which I think is like a “cherry on top” of any makeup look. Some people love it some hate it, I’m personally a big fun. So, the one I’m going to review today is the Lily LoLo Mineral Blush.

The colour I’m using is called “Beach Babe” and its perfect for blonds. The shade is lightly pink with a rather cold undertone. It’s matte which I prefer and nicely compliments my skin tone as  I’m pretty pale at the moment.

It’s quite pigmented so I don’t need much for the lighter look, however, is buildable.  The consistency is loose but the little jar comes with a lockable sifter so now I just need to be careful not to drop it on the carpet (I’m extremely clumsy)!

BlushThe blusher is oil-free and based purely on minerals:

Mica – natural occurring minerals, helps to reduce the appearance enlarged pores but will not clog them.

Iron Oxide – a mineral pigment which is non-toxic, non-bleeding and moisture resistant.

Titanium Dioxide – reflective pigment, sunblock and it’s soothing on the skin

Carmine –  pigment of a bright-red colour

*all the above information are based on my research  

The whole collection has 13 shades for different skin tones and some of them are vegan (Doll Face, Cherry Blossom,  Juicy preach,  Rosy Apple, Rosebud). The retail price is £9.00 which I think it’s very affordable. I’ll definitely buy it again!


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