Nailberry -“Colour your nails healthy”

Happy Easter Bank Holiday!

We made it! I’m not gonna lie by saying that I feel like It’s much needed this year. Spring is one of my favourite seasons. Longer days, warmer evenings and the sun we’ve been all missing lately. For me, it’s also changing my eating habits, the way I dress and take care of myself and there will be more of that in my next blogs but today it’s time for one of my favourite items from the beauty world! You might be surprised but it’s a nail varnish. I love doing my nails. I think it’s part of the overall look and the right colour can add that extra “umf” to the outfit. But the truth is that most of the nail polishes contain not so healthy ingredients so our nails can look nice and shiny. I’ve been using the high-street brands for years but as there more healthier options on the market now, I decided to give a go!

So, the brand I’m trying right now is called “Nailberry”. London based, lovely colour range and pretty affordable too (£14.50 per item). I went for two pastel shades from their L’Oxygene range called “Fashionista” and “Elegance”. The bottle is 15 ml and looks very high end, I’d say.

The “Elegance” shade is very delicate. The colour is “baby pink” and it’s buildable. I’ve attached two photos to show the difference. Personally, I prefer the lighter version as it’s not too pink, its almost invisible which works for me. The darker option will be perfect for holidays or when I’m more tanned.

The “Fashionista” is a definite winner here. The colour is vivid purplish pink, look super shiny and the coverage is very good. One layer is enough to make the nails look pretty neat. It’s great for work and a night out.

Both are drying very quick and last for at least 3 –4 days (I’ve checked it myself). I guess that’s pretty good for that price and in comparison to other high-street brands.

So why is it better?

This brand offers products which are 12 Free which is “toxic twelve”. It means that they’re formulated to be free from Phthalates including DBP (which prevents chipping and increase the ‘wear time”), Toluene (a toxic chemical substance used in nail polish to give it that smooth application and finish), Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde Resin (which serves as a hardener) and others like Camphor, Xylene, Ethyl Tosylamide, Triphenyl Phosphate, Alcohol, Parabens, Animal Derivatives & Gluten.

Nailberry claims to be also vegan & cruelty-free, gluten-free and halal as well.

Products claiming to be “3 Free” or “5 Free” should not include DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde as a standard.

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