Coffee and coconut body crub – DYI ladies


Hello lovely readers,

It’s almost mid- April and it’s definitely time for me to start getting the skin summer ready. I don’t know about you, but I  need some serious exfoliating before I show off my legs(especially. Winter has been serious this year and I have to admit that I’ve been lazy on that front. In the next few weeks, I’ll be going through all my summer prep and reporting back to, of course! Sharing is caring they say!

I’ll start with scrubbing as this is probably the most important part of the whole process. I love scrubs so you’ll probably see a few on my blog this summer. My favourite ones are those based on sugar and salt as they make the biggest impact on the skin and the results are visible immediately. Using sugar-based scrubs is almost equivalent to dry brushing, I’d say. Both sugar and salt give that extra exfoliating kick.


This time I’ve decided to do it myself and I’ve made a coffee scrub. The recipe is super easy and everyone can do it at home. The total price for this product is approx. £4.00 so as I’m planning to use it quite often, it’ll definitely save me some pennies!

Using a coffee scrub with coconut oil and sugar has many benefits for the skin!

  • coffee is rich in antioxidants and as an ingredient claims to be good for fighting the cellulite and typically increases blood flow
  • coconut oil softens the skin and makes it extra moisture already during the  scrubbing process
  • sugar contains glycolic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid that is crucial for maintaining healthy skin


1) cup of cane sugar

2) cup of ground coffee

3) Shea butter and coconut oil ( half cup)

4) Argan oil  (can be any other oil) *optional*


  • I melted shea butter and coconut oil in the pan. I was aiming to have approx. half of the glass.
  • I mixed all the ingredients together until it became a paste. All the ingredients should be combined and the texture should be crumbly. Sugar will start absorbing the liquids so the mixture may become a bit dry.
  • I’ve added a few drops of argan and jojoba oils to add some extra moisture.
  • I stored it in the glass jar,  but I  guess it can be used straight away as a one-off treatment.


I’ve always used this sort of scrub on dry skin and add the water gradually. This way my skin becomes smoother and better exfoliated. I wouldn’t necessarily use it on my face purely due to the sugar bits which might be a bit too rough, but it’s only my personal preference.


Do you have any favourite scrubs or home receipts for beauty products? Let me know!


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