Three fantastic reads for summer evenings – personal collection

wp-1524298603727901515599.pngI thought it would be great to talk about a few books which inspired me and still keep motivating me to live healthier and look after myself the way I do. So without fluffing around, I would like to share with you my 3 favourite titles about being healthy, looking and feeling good and most of all staying forever young (ok that’s maybe a bit too much), but it’s good to have dreams and work on them, right?!

” Beauty really does begin on the inside – and perhaps more specifically in the gut – after all haven’t you met those people who glow from within?” /Goop Clean Beauty/

wp-15242986675711022018924.pngGOOP CLEAN BEAUTY it’s one of the first beauty books I bought and probably my favourite. It made me understand the whole mechanism behind the good looks and how to improve it by making small changes to my daily routine. I love that they focus on simplicity and put happiness as the main beauty factor. It’s not one of the “do this, do that” books, but instead, it provides a lot of interesting information about food, choices, exercising, healthy mind and suggest a lot of sleep… (this is my favourite part).

GOOP Clean Beauty

GOOP Clean Beauty

ALL NATURAL BEAUTY…hmm, where shall I start? This book is awesome! It’s all about homemade beauty products and it’s perfect for beginners like me. It was written by two Austrian ladies Karen and Nici who clearly knows their craft. The whole collection contains 111 beauty recipes and I still have a few to try. Every recipe comes with a short intro from the author which is a nice touch and a “shelf life” for each product (very useful). So far my favourites are the scrubs and hair masks which I’ve been mixing behind the closed doors. You can find my own recipe inspired by this book here.

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SKIN COACH. This book is a fantastic source of everything skin related. I like how true and transparent the author is about the topic. I love to learn new things every day and this book really opened my eyes and views on how to take care of my skin.  The only downside is that it’s only in polish and despite my best interests I couldn’t find it in English.

I love reading books which make me think and bring something new to my daily life. I also like getting book recommendation so let me know if you have any favourite books yourselves? 🙂



Links to all the books listed in my post:

GOOP Clean Beauty – LINK

All Natural Beauty – LINK 

Skin CoachLINK 


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