ME TIME: Homemade pedicure


Hello lovely readers 🙂

So last week (end) we had the first taste of summer in London! The sun was out, parks were full of people and I and my friends were enjoying some time in the sun with a cheeky glass of prosecco (or maybe two glasses). I could finally wear my summer shorts and flip-flops and trust me I couldn’t be happier. That also made me realised that it’s time to take care of my feet and get them ready for the flip-flop season properly.

So this week I’ve been soaking, moisturizing and making my home SPA and secretly hoping the sun will be back soon. I like a professional pedicure but I also like the homemade products which can be equally good and easy to make. I’ve always suffered from numerous blisters and corns which are a struggle of my daily life. My feet are not the best of my assets and it really takes me a while to make them presentable so home foot baths are a real game changer and would recommend it to everyone with a similar problem to mine. Here is my simple footcare routine:

Homemade foot bath


I start with the sea salt foot scrub which I make from a few home ingredients I currently have in my cupboard.  For the scrub, I used:

  • sea salt
  • tablespoon of shea butter ( or honey optional)
  • tablespoon of coconut oil

Sea salt is great for exfoliating, coconut oil and shea butter have both nourishing properties and honey is good for wound healing. All those ingredients mixed together give a nice paste which I’m using on my dry feet.

I always scrub on a dry skin. The results are much better and the skin looks more polished, similar to dry brushing.


For the lemon foot bath, I’m using the simplest washing up bowl and fill it with a warm water ( approx.3/4 of the bowl). I’d add a juice from 2 lemons and a few drops of a body wash or soap ( for extra bubbles).

*Lemon has cleansing and antibacterial attributes but it’s not an obligatory ingredient.


Then, I sit and relax for about 30 minutes. Trust me, there is nothing more relaxing than a nice foot bath after a long day in the office! During that 30 minutes, the skin starts softening and I can begin removing the hard skin off.


Once the bath is over, I dry the skin and put on my favourite moisturizer. This time I decide to go for the moisturising socks which I’m gonna keep on for about a 30 minutes.

I’ll finish with a nice summer nail polish

This treatment is not only good for the feet but also super relaxing and pleasant for the whole body. It’s a good way to just stop for a while and enjoy the moment, light the candle, listen to some music or simply read a magazine.

Happy feet 🙂



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