ZAO Lipsticks – “Soft Touch” range review


Hello Everyone,

It feels like ages since I last posted and it was only a week ago. I’m currently on holidays visiting my family and I couldn’t be happier. There is nothing better than coming back home after fairly long time and catching up with everybody! So yes, since two days I’ve been eating a lot, chatting away and smiling even more than ever. In today’s blog, I thought I’ll share with you my thoughts about ZAO lipsticks as I’ve been intrigued by this brand for a while now.

Zao Makeup has definitely a very unique packaging as the products come in the Bamboo shaped cases and are made from a Bamboo as well which is pretty cool. All their products are ECOCERT certified which means that they’re natural and organic with 100% of ingredients of natural origin and 28% organic.

I’ve tried their “Soft touch” range which has a matt finish to it and that’s definitely something I need in my daily makeup routine so here they are:

431 – Nude Pinky Plum

Love this one! This shade would be perfect for a daily use. The pinky – plum tone nicely complement the skin and it’s not too flashy. I can totally imagine wearing this ZAO Nude Pinky Plum to work or meetings.

432 – Peach

Although, it’s looking pretty nude, the “Peach” shade is very orange(y). Not for all skin tones and definitely not for light blondes (unless very tanned or feeling edgy).

434 – Powder Pink

I feel that this shade is a bit too pinky for me. I thought it will be more of a light powdery tone with some nude undertone but it’s quite strong. It’ll be perfect for going out with the girls. Very Barbie!

436 – Damson

I can’t make up my mind about this one as I like red lipsticks in general. They’re always adding that sexy/ romantic touch. ZAO Damson look nice on but it’s just doesn’t compliment my overall look. It’s a nice shade though!

437 – Aubergine

Hmm… not for me! The colour is too purple. The photo, unfortunately, doesn’t give away the intensity of this shade. It will be perfect for darker skin tones and hair or some sort of glam evening (if you feel like standing out from the crowd). It’s a lovely lipstick and I wish I would edgy enough to wear it on a daily bases!

Overall verdict is quite positive. All the colours are very summery and perfect for holidays. Some of the shades are a bit too flashy in my opinion and not for everyday life but again it’s just my personal thought! The product doesn’t leave the lips dry which I think is pretty important. They do stay on pretty long but as many others, need to be re-touched after a while. They’re rather tasteless and with no smell which is a positive for me. Definitely worth to give it a go.

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