What I bought in Poland – VIANEK Skincare haul


Hello lovely readers,

So today is the day my holidays end and it’s time to get back to reality..I’m sure you all know the feeling… I spent a lovely week with my family, got a bit of tan and generally relaxed but also a bit sad that I have to say “goodbye” again.

Anyways, I had an amazing time and I have so much to share with you that I better crack on.
I’ll kick off with a little review of the brand which recently caught my eye called VIANEK.
This brand is from Poland (which is also the country I’m from) and I thought it will be great to try of the local products. What I’ve also realised is that currently in Poland there are more and more natural/ organic products on the shelf and what’s more important they’re very affordable, and that makes me very very happy!

So VIANEK offers the full skincare, body care and hair product range mainly focused on hydration, nutrition and energizing which also define each product range.

I’ve tried the cleansing lotion, tonic and face peeling.



I’ve tested a lot of cleaning products in the past and the best for me are the ones with a milky consistency. I feel like they’re generally more gentle on the skin, they not only remove makeup but also moisturise which is best for the dry skin like mine.

This product can be used for all skin types. The formula is base on apricot seed oil, seaberry oil, flax extract and honey. The colour is yellowish and the consistency is much runnier than usual products of that sort. I really like this cleanser, it’s one of those you can use every day and since it’s very affordable, can easily restock!



I think that the last tonic I bought was about 15 years ago. Yes, that’s right. Shocking! To be honest I’ve never felt I need one. However, I’ve read recently about Korean beauty regime and I thought I’ll give it a go and I think I’m hooked up. This product is a spray which appeals to me more and has a very delicate, rosy smell. At the moment, I’m using in the morning before putting my makeup on and in the evening before I put my serum on.



You’ve probably realised by now that I’m a sucker for a good peeling. Therefore, I couldn’t resit and I also bought the Vianek Nourishing Face Peelling. The consistency of the peeling is very thick. I feel like it’s not a product for someone with very sensitive skin as it might be too harh. I usually don’t mind it but I usually mix the product with a bit o water or milky cleanser. On the other hand, it exfoliates very well and I’m happy with the product overall. Some of the ingredients are corundum, spirulina, mint oil and sage.

The Vianek products can be bought not only in Poland or from polish websites but from many international e-stores like The Natural SkinCare (link below).

Link to the official website: https://vianek.pl/

Natural Skincare: http://www.thenaturalskincare.co.uk/brands/Vianek.html

If you want more international hauls, give me thumbs up 🙂


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