Summer Sephora Haul 2018

Hello lovely readers!

And here it is! My favourite day of the week, why?! Well, today is Thursday and I’m starting my work on the Saturday blog post. I guess good organization is the key and really makes the life easier. Hmm..  Maybe I will write a blog post about that one day, but for now, let’s get back to the exciting stuff.


I’ve recently gone to Poland and visited Sephora!!! I have to say, Sephora is like Disneyland for girls ( give me thumbs up if you agree). There is so much great stuff in this shop that I just can’t walk in and walk out without buying “stuff”. The only limit I have right now is a hand lugguage and liquid regulations and the airport.

I’ve bought a few items from “Sephora Collection” and I’ve never tried any of them before. So I was really interested in how good their products actually are. Let’s have a look.



Shade: 140 – Enchanted World 

Right, so I’m currently obsessed with this nail polish. I was a bit apprehensive at first as I’m not a big fan of sparking nails but this one just blew my mind. I’ve been wearing it already for about 2 -3 weeks and I can’t fault it! The nails look super pretty and with a lightly tanned skin, the colour becomes alive. It does sparkle but in a very discreet way so it’s perfect for work. My nails look very neat all the time and even when the colour starts to come off, it’s not very visible because the sparking bits do reflect the light. The formula is quite thick so I put only one layer. Thr colour itself is pearly (ish). I couldn’t find it online but the closest would be number 141-I’m a princess.  Absolutely beautiful!





Another product which really surprised me is SEPHORA DRY CONDITIONER. I don’t use many hair products on a daily bases but I use the straightener and I do suffer from unwanted freeze so this dry conditioner it’s just perfect. Firstly, it smells like coconut and secondly doesn’t make my hair neither heavy nor greasy.  It’s also the first product which adds a real shine to my hair! I’ll definitely buy it again and it fits into airport plastic bag so it will be perfect for holidays!

This product is: Paraben free, Sulfates free and Phthalates free


Sephora dry conditioner

I’ve also bought 3 beauty masks: Aloe Vera hand mask, Almond foot mask and Shea hair sleeping mask. 

ALMOND FOOT MASK comes in the form of socks you put on for about 20 minutes. The cream inside is infused with almond extract which nourishes and softens rough areas of the feet. The cream has no particular smell, I would say is pleasant. I’ve kept mine a bit longer than 20 minutes for a better effect and the results were really positive. My feet felt smooth, soft and hydrated. Some of the main ingredients are glycerin or urea which are responsible for hydration in general, and that’s what that mask delivers.

It’s a perfect weekend pamper product!

ALOE VERA hand mask  (1 pair)-comes in the form of gloves and the cream inside is enriched with aloe vera extract which is responsible for moisturises the skin. I kept it for about 25 minutes on and to be honest I can’t see much difference. My hands don’t feel dry which is a bonus but I also wouldn’t say they feel massively moisturized. the product has no smell and It’s a good buy for a girls night in. I probably won’t be repurchasing it!

SHEA HAIR SLEEPING MASK – the main product has a creamy/ milky consistency and looks like a regular conditioner. the second part of the package is a hair cup which is papery and super cute. I’ll be very honest with you as I didn’t follow the initial instructions and I didn’t leave it on my hair for the whole night. I think I was a bit scared mainly as I don’t know the brand well enough. I’ve used it as a regular conditioner and left it on for about 40 minutes before rinsed. I can see that my hair are quite shiny and the ends are not dry so  I would definitely it another go and maybe this time leave it on for the whole night.

Overall, all the products are really nice and I’ll definitely try more from their range. If you have any recommendation regarding Sephora products, let me know!








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