Easy home-made body butter

Body butter ingredients

Hello Hello!

In today’s post, I would like to share my recipe for a homemade body butter. Every time I make my own products it feels kinda exciting, complicated and I never know how it’s gonna turn out so yes, it’s a lot of fun! I’ve made this body butter already a couple of times and it’s a really good moisturizer especially for very dry skin like mine. Let’s get started.

*All the products I’m using are 100% organic.

The Body Butter Ingredients:

2 big spoons of coconut oil

2 big spoons of cocoa butter

1,5 spoon of shea butter

pinch of cinnamon (not obligatory)




First, I take the saucepan (or any other pot) and place it on the warm hob. I try to make sure it’s not super hot as it will burn or boil the ingredients and the main goal is to melt it. Then, I place cocoa butter flakes in the pan and make it melt a bit so it starts to look like a liquid. Next, I add the shea butter and coconut oil and stir together until melted. In the end, I add either cocoa powder or cinnamon for that extra deliciousness (not obligatory). In fact, the cocoa powder itself smells so good, no additional scent buster is required.

Once all mixed, I put the mixture into the jar and leave it in the cool place overnight. The ingredients will start setting down and become more solid. which is actually my prefered consistency. Cinnamon is not compulsory but I add it for an additional scent.  And Voula!

The below shows the product in the process of settling which is already ready to be used.


It’s a great multipurpose product which due to its hydration benefits will be perfect for foot care, body care and hands care. I make it in small amounts but it can be stored up to 6 months.

Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as me 🙂








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