What is HYDROLAT and how do I use it?

Hello lovely readers,

I’ve been away last weekend to absolutely amazing Amsterdam and I got behind with my schedule and the blog.. basically one big mess but here I’m. I’ve been recently making and testing some products like the body butter I was talking in my previous blog, and I fell in love with the homemade rose tonic water made from hydrolat.


Let me explain what is that mysterious HYDROLAT first:

Hydrolats or so-called hydrosols are the natural waters extracted from plants during the steam – distillation process. The plant extract is very gentle and can be used on the skin, hair and for therapeutic aromatherapy practices. The consistency is watery and they usually have the smell of the plant they were extracted from. 

Hydrolats can be used in cosmetics, as room refresher, bath or aromatherapy depending on attributes they have. They can last for up to two years if they are kept cool and dark (preferably refrigerated).



  • Empty container with an atomizer can be either plastic or glass (I bought one from the travel department in the local drugstore)
  • Rose Damascus Hydrolat ( bought from Penny Price Aromatherapy – link below)
  • Water (mineral)

I’ve mixed water and hydrolat in proportion 50/50.

Hydrolats should be 100% pure and natural and do not contain any artificial additives, alcohol, preservatives or colouring. They are not to be confused with so-called ‘floral waters’ which are often created using synthetic compounds.


Personally, I use hydrolats as part of my cleansing routine in the evening. I would use it in between taking my makeup off with the cleansing milk and applying the night cream. It’s a great product to remove some bits of leftover mascara or generally dirt and pollution which is present in the big cities. It a 100% organic!

It’s also great to have it in your handbag on the daily bases as it’s perfect just to refresh the skin during the day, especially when is super hot!

I choose to use the rose hydrolat as it’s perfect for dry skin. It hydrates, calm and has a very delicate rosy scent. It reduces redness and strengthen the skin.


I’d definitely recommend trying.






Penny Price Aromatherapy – click here 


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