My Favourite Shimmering Dry-Oil Of The Summer!

Hello my lovely readers,

I was shocked last week when I realised that the shops have started launching the autumn collections. Is the summer over already?! Well, thankfully not in my calendar, in fact, I really try to embrace it this year.  This season I fell in love with the dry oil-based cosmetics and my favourite one is Shimmering Honey Bronze by Body Shop.


First of all, what is a “Dry Oil”

“Dry oil is a very light oil that is instantly absorbed”  – Margo Marrone(The Organic Pharmacy). The name is not referring to the substance itself by the way the skin and hair absorb it.  It has all the qualities the usual oil products have but without leaving the skin grease. 


And that’s exactly what the Honey Bronze by Body Shop does. The product comes in a very pretty, 100 ml glass bottle. The liquid inside is a mix of dry oil and bronze, shimmering bits. It nicely compliments the skin and gives that honey – bronze glow finish.  It’s not greasy and it absorbs very quickly. I’ve used on my legs, arms, cleavage and I have to say, the skin looks flawless.

On the below photos you can see the difference:



It contains Community Trade honey, brazil nut oil and it’s not animal tested.

It’s great on the tan skin as it enchases the colour, but it will also look good on lighter skin tones adding a bit of a colour. It has a nice flowery smell. The only downfall would be the application process. There is no diffuser or a pump. I have to make the liquid to come out by shaking the bottle which might cause stains all over (if you’re as clumsy as me)


It will go very nicely with the Lavera Self-Tan lotion I talked about in my previous post, check it out here.

The retail price of the product is GBP 18.00 per 100 ml.

Have a lovely weekend!



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