Natural Deodorants – hit or miss? Lavera and Salt of the Earth Deo- Review

Hello Everyone,

Today I’m gonna review 3 deodorants which I guess can be categorised as a “natural” or let’s say more healthy for our skin.

So the two ingredients I’m trying to avoid when buying a deo are: aluminium and alcohol. Why is that?

Aluminium is an active ingredient used to keep our underarms fresh. However, aluminium is also considered to be a neurotoxin linked to breast cancer and neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.

The most common forms are: aluminum chloride, aluminum zirconium, aluminum chlorohydrate and aluminum hydroxybromide


I really like this product despite being a bit apprehensive at first. It’s a roll –  on type of deodorant which I find the best for me. It has a lovely fresh smell of melon and cucumber and it’s infused with 100% natural ingredients, including mineral salts, aloe vera and magnesium oil.

Salt of the Earth

Free from: aluminium chloride, parabens and triclosan

I’ve used it to work, gym and on the night out and it passed my “sweat” test! The armpit area remained odour free and dry most of the times. I’m using it every day and I didn’t have any bad surprises. It’s very light and creamy and it doesn’t clog the pores – you can feel it. It takes some time to get completely absorb so I wouldn’t put anything tight straight after application.


Size: 75 ml/ Price: GBP 3.00 (depend on the retailer)

Overall verdict: 8/10


This is another one which I’ve been using recently and I picked it at the airport. I love Lavera in general and I’m using their products regularly. This deo is again a roll-on type and I would say it’s my second favourite.

Lavera Deodorant

Free from: alcohol and aluminium 

The formula is infused with an organic calendula and aloe vera which is ideal for very sensitive skin types. The smell its very fresh and reminds me of anise scent but I guess it’s just pretty strong aloe vera. I feel like Lavera Basis provides a bit better protection than The Salt of the Earth, but it’s a very personal opinion and it will work differently for everybody.


Size: 50 ml/ Price: GBP 7.00 (depend on the retailer)

Overall verdict: 9/10

So, for me, the natural deodorants are definitely a hit and I’ll rebuy both of them in the future.  It’s good to know that the product I’m using is not clogging the pores and et the body release the toxins in the most natural way possible.

Thumbs up!

Have a lovely weekend you all!












2 thoughts on “Natural Deodorants – hit or miss? Lavera and Salt of the Earth Deo- Review

  1. Phyllis Tulaszewski says:

    I still haven’t tried a natural deodorant but like you I also try to avoid deodorants with aluminium and alcohol for the same reasons. I will certainly see where I find one of those you just reviewed and try them out myself. Thank you so much for your comment on natural skincare post on bloglovin. Have a wonderful Sunday. XX, Phyllis

    Liked by 1 person

  2. blonde&berries says:

    Hello Phyllis, thanks you for leaving the comment and I hope it’ll work for you as well. From my personal experience I know it can be really great or a complete disaster. Have a lovely Sunday 🙂


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