How to Embrace Autumn and Stay Motivated

Hello Everyone,

Autumn is a beautiful time of the year but also start of my inner laziness. The countdown till Christmas has just started, it’s getting cold outside and it’s time to get cosy. Despite the laziness, I always try to set myself goals and make the most of that pre-winter season.

Here are my 5 Tips on How To Embrace Autumn and stay on a Top Form.


This is always a good start! I’ve stopped fooling myself with a “New Year” resolutions and started setting myself goals throughout the year. Autumn tends to slow things down, the weather is changing and my mood is definitely more melancholic, so to keep myself on track, I’d set myself an achievable target in connection to my work, my blog or working out. It works and keeps me focus and excitement.



The perfect beach body won’t come overnight! Regular exercising is the keys and has to keep up even during winter months. For me, the biggest obstacle is to overcome my inner laziness and move my “bump” from the coach. To motivate myself, I’d treat myself to a new gym outfit, a little fitness gadget or a healthy cookbook. There is no better way than feeling good and sexy in your own body!


I love visiting parks in Autumn. Everything looks so colourful. I could spend hours img_0901taking photos and just enjoy the views. It’s also good to get away from the TV, computer or the phone. It really makes a difference, helps to switch off and re-charge the batteries.

Even hot chocolate tastes better after a long walk in the cold.


This one might sound obvious but spending time with the loved ones is priceless. I live abroad and currently, I’m away not only from my family but also my boyfriend so every time I have a chance to see them, it’s special. Autumn for me is the time of planning trips home and Christmas break. In the meantime, I love spending the weekend over dinner and a bottle of red with my friends.. just chatting! Makes the world so much better!

     5. TAKING CARE OF MY BEAUTY REGIME 10748716128_img_5574

I do believe that the outside beauty it’s a result of the inner health and the balanced lifestyle, that’s why that would be the last point on my list.

Happy live means happy skin and looks. Time to slow down and get some sleep, relax and rewind. As an addition, there will be a whole new blog on how I treat my skin over colder months so stay tuned!

How to YOU embrace Autumn?

Love xxx




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