Quinoa Water Foundation - Ere Perez

Quinoa Water Foundation by Ere Perez – Review

Hi Guys,

The star of today’s post is Quinoa Water Foundation by Ere Perez. I’ve purchased it recently based on curiosity and desperate need for a new foundation.  I’m a big fan of natural looking make up with almost minimum effort. Basically, wake up and go sort of look.

Quinoa Water Foundation - Ere Perez

I’ve been tasting this one for the past 2 weeks and it wasn’t easy as my skin is going through some ups and downs and despite my best efforts, I’m not able to avoid breakouts. I’ve chosen this foundation mainly based on ingredients and hope that it won’t be too heavy. So let’s have a closer look :

I went for shade: HAZE. This is the lightest out of 3 shades they have in this range. I’m usually pretty pale in the winter so I always try to use a bit lighter foundation with a possibility to build the colour up a bit.G


Consistency is very runny and not as thick as the other foundations I’ve used before. It reminds me a bit of a coloured water. Once applied on the face, it gets absorbed immediately. I don’t think there is much coverage at least not in my case but it’s a nice base. It definitely makes my skin a bit more even in terms of the colour.

Quinoa Water Foundation - Ere Perez

I’m not sure if this product will be good for those suffering from regular breakouts, dry patches or other skin issues. As the liquid is very watery and doesn’t give any real coverage, the water will get absorbed and the remains of the colour might highlight the imperfections. Just something to have in mind. I have this problem around my nose area and once I applied the product on, my nose looks dirty, the colour/ mica has remained on top of the skin.


Quinoa Extract                       –  heal inflammation and increase elasticity.

Blackcurrant                           – is an antioxidant and contains vitamins

Tocopherol (Vitamin E)        – occurred from sunflower seeds it’s a natural Vitamin E which moisturising properties.

CI 77891 Titanium Dioxide   –  provides broad UVA and UVB sun protection

Other: Glycerine, Sodium Hyaluronate, Xanthan Gum, Potassium Sorbate, Mineral Pigments




So this is a typical “make up no makeup” product. You put it on and it disappeared. I’m happy with it and I’ll definitely keep using it. It’s perfect for building up the look. I like using bronzers and blushers and this foundation gives the perfect natural base. Verdict: 8/10!

Enjoy guys:)


Anna xxx



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