Mango and White Clay skin benefits – SVOJE product review

Hello Everyone,

This week I have a little review for you. I’ve come across this brand while reading about cleansers and I had to try it straight away.

I loved the ethos behind the brand, handmade approach to products making and the ingredients. “SVOJE” that’s the name of the brand is based in Poland and they making organic based face masks, peelings, cleansers, hydrolats and soups.

Let’s have a look what’s inside the pack:

SVOJE Maseczka Mango - kokos


Price: PLN 35.00

This product is mainly based on shea butter. I could smell it as soon as I’ve opened the jar. Shea butter as a fat extracted from the nuts has its oily/ creamy consistency, therefore, it’s great for removing makeup and cleansing.

The colour of the cream is yellow and has a rather solid form. I usually take it out with my fingers or with the wooden spoon which came along in the package. I always mix it with a bit of a warm water which makes it more liquidish and removes all the dirt perfectly.

I really like this sort of products not only for it’s cleaning ability but also the hydration they provider for the skin.  For me, it’s a perfect “travel” cleanser as it cleanses and hydrates at the same time. No extra moisturizer needed.


Shea Butter (raw), almond extract, coconut oil, cannabis seed oil, Capryl Glucoside(natural preservative and stabilizer)



Price: PLN 30.00

First of all, the mask smells like mango! Delicious.

The mask comes in the form of a yellow powder and I love how simple the ingredients are. I use approx 4 wooden spoons of powder and mix it with approx 1,5 spoon of water. That should be enough to achieve a smooth paste which then I spread all over my face!  I remove the mask after approx 15 minutes or whenever it starts becoming dry. I use the cotton pad soaked with a lukewarm water.


Back to the ingredients

The base of this mask is white clay (called kaolin or Chinese clay). White Kaolin nourishes the skin, removes toxins and smooth the surface. After the treatment, my skin feels visibly tightened, cleansed and gently brighten which makes me very happy. This type of treatment is especially recommended in case of a problem with enlarged pores and overproduction of sebum (oily or mixed skin).

Mango itself it’s a vitamin bomb containing Vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin B6  and many more. What’s not to like!

Both reviewed products have an expiry date which is also important to acknowledge. That means that the formulas do contain active ingredients and no artificial preservatives.

Hope you’ll enjoy the products as much as me!

I made my purchase on their website and the product was delivered within 1-2 days.

Happy Saturday!