5 Ways To Use Coconut Oil in Your Daily Life


There is no doubt about great properties the coconut oil can offer. I personally love it and I thought It would great to share my way of making the most of that goodie jar. Coconut oil is known from being superb moisturizer, an emolient and a source of vitamin E, amino acids and lauric and Caprylic acid.


      Coconut is a great cleanser and I use it on a daily bases. I love how it works on my face leaving it all smooths and hydrated. It removes my make up and all the dirt perfectly, moreover one jar lasts forever. I would combine it however with a very delicate face scrub or face wasch to make sure the excess of it has been removed. You’re probably wandering why! Well, coconut oil is still an “oil” and in it’s raw form can work on the skin like a wax, so clogged pores and breakout might be on the menu if overdose.


     2. Hair Mask 

I’ve used the coconut oil hair mask a few times on my hair and I wasn’t overly impressed. I  neither could spot a miracle nor my hair looked any better. However, I would use coconut oil as one of the ingredients in my “egg hair mask” to add a bit more moisture.

     3. Body and Moisturiser

I can’t fail this one. I like to  cover myself in coconut oil from time to time before going to bed. After a good 5 months, I can see that my skin has become softer especially on my arms and legs. Thumbs up!


     4. Base for the body scrub 

This is my favourite one. I love making home made body scrubs and the coconut oil is one of the main ingredients I would put in to my formula. It melts quickly and blends very well with sugar or salt which are usually the base of my scrubs.I usually mix it with other oils or cocoa butter for a better result home-made body scrub .

      5. Shaving cream 

When I run our of my shaving cream, the coconut oil is a perfect replacement during an after shaving. It leaves the skin super smooth!


let me know what is your favourite way of using coconut oil ?

Love xxx