Winter Skincare Prep – Homemade Steam Face Mask

Hello Lovely People!!

After a few, very busy weeks at work and in life, I’m back.

The winter hasn’t yet started properly but I can already feel the side effects of less sun and a colder weather! My skin has already lost the summer glow and tan, and at the moment represents all shades of grey.

Winter is a great time to work on improving the skin condition by proper cleansing, exfoliation and by supplements which will help the hair, nails and skin to be healthy and ready for next summer. Yes, that’s correct! Everything takes time and consistency so it’s time to start now.


I like simplicity in my skincare routine so my first “go to” cleansing rituals is the “Steam Face Mask”. I was doing them regularly when I was in high school as it’s a great way to clean the pores and get this fresh looking skin.


  • Hot steam unblocks the pores and clean impurities ( including sebum)
  • Helps to bust up the blood circulation making the skin looks healthier (not grey)
  • Makes a great base for further cleaning routines like peelings and masks


The whole process is extremely simple and most importantly, you won’t spend a penny!

What we need is:

  • plastic bowl (medium size)
  • 500 ml of boiling hot water
  • chamomile tea/ extract
  • towel


First, I soak the camomile tea bag in the half cup of hot water for about 10 minutes. The essence needs to be strong.

*I used chamomile as it nicely works with delicate and dry skin like mine. It also decreases redness which I’m recently battling with.  Nicley opens the pores without causing irritation. 

Once the essence is ready, I mix it with the boiling hot water and place my face over the bowl and I take the towel to create some sort of cape to keep the steam worm. The water cools down very quickly, so the whole process lasts for about 5 minutes.

For a better effect, I gently exfoliate the face with my daily peeling straight after the steam mask. At this time the skin is warmed up and the pores are open.

The overall result is great! My skin feels like new. The skin surface is smooth and the pores are almost invisible.



  • Don’t place the face to close to the water when the steam is super hot. It’s important to keep the distance from the bowl. You don’t want to burn yourself